Saturday, August 16, 2008

6th Wedding Anniversary & John's 34th Birthday

Well tomorrow is my 6th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe we've only been married 6 years. We of course "lived in sin" for about a year and half before that, and before that dating for like 2ish years. All together we have been a "couple" for 9 1/2 years.
John's birthday is also tomorrow, yes we got married on his birthday, that was his idea. When we were looking at the calender trying to pick a date, we saw his birthday was on a Saturday so he wanted that day. I think he figured that way he'd never forget the date, good idea on his part i think. He will be 34, such an old man LOL. On the day of our wedding, his dear Aunt June made him a birthday cake, along with the gorgeous wedding cake she made us. That was her gift to us, and what an incredible gift it was, so pretty and quite delicious too. I will be making him a cake later today, it of course will be nothing like his delicious chocolate w/ chocolate icing cake of that day, but i'm sure it will be good just the same.

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