Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dad's blood drive

If you didn't catch WWNY news last night and see this little blurb about it, Dad's blood drive was yesterday, the turn out seemed pretty good. They were keeping track of how many people came specifically for Dad, so i'm hoping to get that number today. My mom was able to give blood, she didn't think she could because of her Lupus, but they said no problem. I tried to give blood but couldn't, maybe next time. My aunt (who's 80) and her 2 daughters came all the way from Massena to give, unfortunately only 1 of the daughters could give, though they all tried. I was kinda surprised at all the "no no's" for giving blood, i mean i knew a few obvious things would prevent you, i don't remember all this stuff from last time i did it, but that was like 11 years ago. Anyway, i thought it was nice they put a little piece on the news about it, just wish they'd done something like the day before to help boost the attendance even more. Dad was extremely pleased to see so many people really cared enough to come out and give blood in his honor.


Diana said...

I thought of you all, but giving blood is just not something I can do. I'm glad that people were able to come out though! Sorry I missed the news. I bet Faithy was ADORABLE (as always of course).

Anonymous said...

The thought had crossed my mind to come up and donate....I never have though, which doesn't scare me....just didn't think they'd let me with all the crap I have going on with me. Faith was adorable on the news! She rocked it!


Sherry said...

Next time I give blood, I will be thinking of your dad. Not sure that that really counts though. I am glad there was a nice turnout!