Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sorta better....sorta not...

Still not sure about Faith, she's still cranky, feverish at times and has a runny nose, but i'm not convinced it's anything more than a combo of teething and a headcold. Sure wish it would just be 100% better so i wouldn't keep wondering and waiting to see....
John got the car fixed, so that's better. He did say though that he's never fixing it again to try and save money, he's just taking it to the mechanic and sucking it up when we get the bill, cause it's just not worth the frustration and hassle. He's probably right but it is nice to get a break job for like 1/2 of what it would be if i took it to the mechanic, but the frustration level does definately go up.
I feel sorta better too, was feeling a lot better till i woke up congested and headachy this morning, but still better than last week for sure.
Went to mom's today and cut out a bunch more patterns, I love her cutting table. Will be sewing again this week. Last week i made 3 winter nightgowns, a long sleeve shirt/pants set, a long sleeve velour shirt, a pair of cord pants and a cord jumper all for Faith. Then i also made a winter nightgown and long sleeve t-shirt for a clothing swap i am in. Busy sewing week, even with us sick. So hoping to be even more productive this week. Stay tuned for more pictures of my sewing :-)

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