Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blood Drive totals....misc. rambling about my Dad.

Well we found out that there was a total of 40 units of blood collected with promises of a donation from 9 people (they couldn't give that day for one reason or another and will give on another day). There was at least 1 out of town relative that donated too. My dad got a bunch of cards from people that donated in his honor which was pretty cool too.

Today Mom, Chey, Faith and I went to visit and he was very tense and upset. Apparently they told him in therapy today that he just isn't making progress and that they were going to drop him down to 3 days of therapy a week instead of the 5 he has been getting. While i understand their reasoning it really upsets me. It's bad enough that he "gives up" on himself sometimes do they have to too? Why not let him continue at 5 days if he's willing? Who cares if he's not making much progress, he's exercising and he might start to make more progress. Why not work with him on learning to live in a wheelchair, and how to transfer himself better so that maybe he can still come home.
Now maybe Dad just made it sound like they didn't give him much hope today, he was certainly depressed when we got there. Or maybe he misunderstood what they told him to mean that he wasn't going to get better, i don't know. But either way I'm horribly sad. I was already feeling like maybe he would never make it home again and this just makes me feel more like he won't.

So to make myself "feel better" i ate McDonald's after I dropped mom & chey off and then came home and ate some Zucchini bread too. I sure wish I didn't "eat" my emotions. Well, now i'm crying so i guess enough sad posting for today, I just wish i could understand WHY WHY WHY.......

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Diana said...

I'm so sorry, Sarah.