Sunday, August 10, 2008

Faith is still sick...

UGH, i thought it was maybe just her teeth causing her to have a fever, she's getting the bottom 2 of the last set of molars. They are poked through now so it should be getting better (usually that's how it goes with her), but she's still very feverish, last night she was literally burning up. I have got to get another thermometer, our ear one is the biggest piece of junk going, and the other digital ones take so long to record the temp she won't sit still long enough. But she was so hot to the touch i didn't have to worry about a thermometer i knew she had a fever for sure. She was up in the night and in bed with mama for the rest of the night, very restless. Her nose is STILL runny but now it's yucky and getting green, which i'm afraid means she probably has a sinus infection like mama had, might have to get her to the doctor, hopefully we can wait till tomorrow, i do NOT want to go to the ER.
So everyone around here is pretty miserable today, and it's going to rain yet again, lovely just what we need is more rain...NOT!

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Diana said...

UGH! I'm so sorry Faithy is not feeling well! I pray she feels better REALLY soon.