Tuesday, November 4, 2008


My sewing machine is fixed. It was the timing, it was off and the belt was loose. Thank goodness they were so great about getting it right in and fixing it. No charge, that was nice too. Of course while they were looking at it i went to Walmart and bought a bunch of Christmas fabric and then to JoAnn's and got a bunch of flannel. But it's all stuff i'll use and it was all on sale. Now i gotta get my scissors from upstairs (i was hand sewing in bed last night, what a chore hand sewing is). I can't go get them right now and wake John up, so i'll have to sew after Faith goes to bed. Anyway, she's fixed!! WOOT WOOT


Sherry said...

I know what that's like! My precious was in the shop for an entire day and I couldn't believe how 'lost' I felt without it!

Diana said...

YAY! Glad you got it fixed, Sarah!

Leah said...

Wohoo! Glad she is all fixed up and how nice that it was no charge!