Saturday, January 31, 2009

First week of work...

Well i've already told many people this so it might be a repeat for you but anyway....
It's not the job I am minding, that's going fine, i actually enjoy it. I've been doing 2 main projects. Dental billing which i find fairly straight forward and not too difficult once you get the hang of it. The other project is looking at old accounts, it really makes my eyes buggy, but i am helping the other girls that don't have time to follow up, so it's a good thing.
The thing i do not like is the missed time with my family. I'm really upset about it honestly. I know it will get easier but this first week was certainly hard. I feel like the time i do spend with Faith I am always rushing her, or I'm tired/she's tired and we are both grumps. And we hardly saw John before, now that's even worse.
My day consists of getting up (between 5:30 and 6), getting ready, getting something premade for dinner (crock pot or whatever), getting Faith up and ready. We have to be out the door at 7:25 at the latest to get her dropped off and me to work. Then i get out of work at 4, rush to go get her and get home (around 4:30). Finish whatever is required for dinner, we try to eat between 5 & 5:30 so John has enough time to get ready for work. (he gets up around the time we get home). He leaves between 6:30-6:45, which means by the time we eat and he gets showered and ready, he only really spends a few minutes with Faith. Then her bedtime is 7:30, so after daddy gets off to work i have to get her bath and settled in for bed. Just not really much family time at all :(
The other thing is I am just so tired at night, i'm fine in the morning, but by 8 at night i'm ready to sleep myself that i go to bed.
I am sure it will get better, and for now it's going to help a lot that I am working. The good thing is that Faith really likes going with Grandma and there are no issues there, so i don't think it's really bothering her like it is me. However i must say I am questioning how long I would want to keep working full time, i'm thinking i will be thrilled when they want to cut me back to part time.

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Hilary M said...

Ugh, Sarah.....I know it's so hard to balance work and home, especially full time work. I will say that when I got cut to part time, it was a huge blessing. I hope that happens soon for you!