Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Well here it is 7 am and I'm the only one up. But that's okay, gives me a bit of time to reflect on what i am hoping for this year.
First and foremost I really am hoping to day by day heal my heart from all the pain and loss associated with my Dad's passing, i know it will take time but I'm hoping that each day i can feel just a bit better. I know he's with me and always will be, but it's still so hard.
Secondly, we need to eat healthier. NO, this is not some sort of I want to lose weight resolution (though of course i would love that). It's just a goal to improve the way we eat around here. Less convenience food - either fast food or prepackaged stuff from the store. More fruit, veggies and whole grains. Less soda, more water. That kind of thing.
Third, we need to become more active. I don't want Faith to end up one of those lazy overweight teenagers (like i was). I want her to enjoy going for walks, riding a bike, playing outdoors. I don't want her to sit in front of a TV playing a video game or watching shows all day, every day.
And finally my greatest and most fervent wish for this year is to be blessed with another child. I don't know if I will still seek treatment with the fertility clinic as planned late "last" year. Or if I will just hope and pray for a miracle for us. Right now my pain is too raw from my Dad's passing to deal with trying to conceive. But in a month or two i am sure i will feel differently. I can't believe God would put such a strong desire in my heart for another child if I wasn't meant to have one. So hopefully in 2009 some direction is gained in this area and by the new year, 2010 we are on our way to adding to our family.

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