Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I don't understand the Amish?

Amish File Lawsuit

I skimmed this article, i admit to not reading every little detail but i just don't understand how they can justify placing a lawsuit against anyone? They don't agree with our legal system? Don't adhere to the building codes and I assume other laws, so how can they then turn around and use said legal system to justify their religious beliefs not to? It makes no sense to me at all?
Same question arose recently when there was a case of a 2 year old needing life saving heart surgery. The amish will agree to some medical treatment, i've actually seen them at my pediatricians office with their children. I've heard they get vaccinations even. But they wouldn't allow for surgery, something to do with because it was the heart? Regardless again it doesn't make sense?
So what is their religion based on ? I mean you'll use what you want of the "english" world, but you will ignore other "things" based on your religious beliefs. ???????????????

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