Saturday, December 27, 2008


So you can now follow me on Twitter - FaithsMommy

I really love it. If you are unfamiliar with it, it's like a mini-blog, quick little "ramblings" when you have a second to update. Now for you more techno-savvy folks, you can also use your iPod and phone (i think) to update. I however as you know can barely send a text message, LOL.

Christmas Day was great. We spent the whole day with family, had a nice meal, though the prime rib wasn't what i thought it would be, it was good, but well just not as "wow" as I had hoped. But i didn't ruin it, that's the important thing. We played some cards, played with Faith and her new toys and in general just had a good time.

Christmas night in bed, i finally let it out and had a really good cry with John. I had been telling everyone for 2 weeks "i'm fine" "i'm doing okay" blah blah, and just holding it back, or having short little cries and then pushing the feelings away. So i finally let it go and honestly it felt pretty good to get it out. I'm still horribly sad, and i know i will be for a long time, but i let some of the bottled up emotions out and it felt great.

We have had one issue after another with something breaking or needing repairs. It's actually in a way becoming comical (though I tend to find more "humor" in it than John). We been having ongoing issues with our septic, that seem to flare up every few days, really no fix until spring when we can assess what the true problem is, we are hoping it won't require a whole new septic. Then my mom's snow blower was in need of a good maintanance, so John was working on that. In the meantime our snowblower has stopped working, lovely. Then the roof over our front porch started leaking, so John had to shovel it off. Then our shower handle broke, we only have 1 shower/tub so it had to be fixed, no waiting. Our living room lamp (the only one in there) suddenly shorted out entirely and needs to be rebuilt. Oh and my mom's tree next to her drively split off 2 larger branches (it's one of those cedar trees that's like a clump of several trees in one).
So needless to say, John has been busy in one way or another lately. Though i somewhat find humor in it, and short of the snow blower I don't think any of the repairs will be major ones (though we just aren't sure about the septic yet). However John gets himself very worked up over these things, which isn't good, but it's just John i guess, that's his way.

Well that's enough rambling for today, i gotta go get my first cup of coffee.

Oh one funny about Faith. When we are out in public and have to use a "big" potty, she always says "momma will hold you?" and i always do of course, she's so skinny there's just no way she wouldn't fall in if i didn't. Anyway last night before bed i'm on the potty and she comes over and "hugs" me and says "it's okay momma i hold you, so you don't fall" LMAO, she's so cute!

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Ellen said...

So glad you got to cry Sarah. That grief needs to be expressed. And Faith is so precious for holding you. =) My dd was scared of the regular sized potty for a long time. They are so made for us "bigger" people. ;)