Monday, December 1, 2008

So now Dad may be "sick" "sick"

Yes obviously he's been sick for quite some time but now it's possible he's got the flu or something of that nature. I guess he's running a fever. I thought at first he just thought he was sick because he's so run down, but mom said they did run a flu test or something. So now i have the added burden of do i take Faith to see him and risk her getting sick? She had her flu shot. I certainly don't want to keep her away if I don't have to. I certainly don't want to stay away. I want to see him for however much longer i have. Of course there is also the looming fact that if he is in fact sick with the flu, this could be the end for sure.
This afternoon i would have loved to just dig a hole and hide for a while. I just can't face anything right now, it's too hard. Some days i'm okay and accepting of what's going on, other days i just feel so incredibly lost.


Ellen said...

Sarah, I can't even imagine the emotions and sadness churning around in you. I am praying for your dad and for you guys.


Tracey said...

Hey Girl-I saw that you called last night, but I was at the school with PTO crap til late. I should be home all night tonight (I say "should") if you want to chat. Hang in there....wish I had better, more comforting words for you.