Saturday, December 13, 2008

Watertown Daily Times...

More like Watertown Daily Screw Up!

I'm so upset that they apparently feel the need to rewrite obituaries instead of simply using what the funeral director sends. First of all they felt it necessary to include my dad's ex-wife, it really doesn't matter, they were on good terms so it's not a big deal, but what if it was something he didn't want? How is it their judgement to determine how one's life story should be summarized?

What I'm angry about is the major screw up of the calling hours and funeral. We purposely did an evening calling hour time on Sunday night so that people that can't get away on Monday from work would be able to pay their respects. Then on Monday a short calling hour with the funeral to follow. Simple. But the Watertown times in "rewriting" the information completely ommitted the Sunday night calling hours and instead said the funeral was Sunday the 15th at 1 with a calling hour beginning at noon. Never did they mention the evening calling hour, nor the proper funeral day of monday. ARGH! The funeral director was going to call and get them to reprint the obituary. I am going to be really mad if they just do one of their little "blurbs" at the bottom that says something to the effect of "because of a submission error, blah blah". Noone really reads those little tiny corrections. I will be very upset if people travel a distance at noon tomorrow only to find the funeral home closed and noone around.

However KUDOS to for not only getting the information listed right away, but also just using what the funeral director submits. They don't feel it necessary to rewrite or make their "own" news story. And some people wonder why online services are becoming the norm, and the traditional "paper" is failing? Online news sources find you the information you need, post you stories that matter and dont' spend a day diggin up totally worthless garbage to just fill up their paper.


Diana said...

What idiots! That just ticks me off!

Sherry said...

That would have irritated me to no end as well. So very disrespectful. I hope they printed it again the correct way.