Thursday, January 3, 2008

-18 That's Cold

Even for me ...
Sometimes i don't know which is worse, the snow or the cold....
I always say i'm used to it, which i am, but when it gets this cold i seriously wonder how some people can make it, that are cold when it's say 10 degrees out and i'm wearing a sweatshirt and no coat, of course if you know me well you know i never wear a coat. I really do think that after 0 it's just cold no matter what the actual # is.
So we are just gonna stay inside today and be nice and warm. I have a touch of what i think is the flu, so Faith stayed at Grandma's last night, i feel bad she's gonna have to be "out in it" but it'll only be from the door to daddy's truck so like 2 seconds.

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