Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Daddy not..."

I realized today that Faith really gets more than i think. She's not a baby, she understands what's going on and she can't be fooled into thinking otherwise.
I thought it was especially adorable when Daddy got a phone call last night saying that they had to cancel someone's run and if he wanted he could take the night off, since he had plans today and the weather was questionable for last night he figured it was a good opportunity.
So i said "Faith, Daddy's not going to work, yah" and clapped. So then she kept saying "Daddy Not" and clapping. She was very excited, she knew it meant Daddy would be staying home, and that he could play and give her her bath. She loves it when Daddy does her bath cause he plays more in the tub than mommy, mommy's more about business in the tub. Daddy plays with the toys and does this little "motor boat" thing that she finds hilarious. I just thought it was so adorable that she clapped and got excited about "daddy not" LOL

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Diana said...

LOL! So cute! Don't you love it when she gets excited about Daddy. My heart always melts when Eli gets excited about his Daddy. :-)