Friday, January 4, 2008

How can someone so small take up so much space?

As you know, Faith has been having issues sleeping all night in her own bed. I've gotten pretty successful at getting her to go to sleep in her own bed, it's been hard but she now cries just a bit and settles down to sleep, but she's still waking in the middle of the night alot of nights. I let her come into bed with me because I don't want to deal with two issues at once, when i finally get her settling down easier i will work on the middle of the night issue. So anyway my point is that she came into bed with me last night and i can't get over how much room someone who weighs a grand total of 22 lbs can take up. I mean she's a bed hog! Normally she sleeps really close to me, but she also sometimes spreads herself out all over the bed, i get more room sleeping with John, LOL.

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Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. Our son Corban joins us almost every morning (early!) I gave up trying to put him back to bed as it would take forever and then I wouldn't get any rest. Corban usually sleeps with his head on Greg and his feet in my back as I lay on the very edge of the bed. LOL