Tuesday, January 29, 2008

She went pee-pee in her potty...

I was shocked, and honestly i think she was too. Tonight as i was getting her bath ready I said "do you want to sit on your potty". Which of course she did, it's her new favorite thing, so i stripped her down and she sat on there and to both of our amazements she peed! I got all excited, which in turn got her all excited and we clapped and just in general acted silly. I dumped it in the potty and let her flush which got her even more excited. I don't know that this is going to be an all the time thing yet (she's only 18 months) but it was so exciting to see the look on her face when she realized what had happened. She proceeded to sit back down and look down there to see if it would happen again. LOL


Sherry said...

Sarah!! I love your blog and have read a few of the posts. I can't believe Faith is already 18 months...where has the time gone? Just to think when I met you, you were trying and trying and here she is growing up and beautiful!

And WOW to the potty learning! Congrats to her and I hope she keeps it up...such a big girl. :)

Sarah said...

thanks Sherry, good to see you too...you don't have a blog??
She is definately getting so big, i miss her being a baby so bad (as you can probably tell from my posts).