Saturday, January 12, 2008


I know not the most bright and cheery topic for this lovely Saturday morning, but i've been contemplating it a lot lately, not for myself or anything (don't call the nut house LOL) but just in general.
It's amazing to me how one minute someone is here, and the next they are gone. It really makes you want to stop worrying about all those little things that bog you down and get out there and enjoy life. Just within the last week or so there seems to be a lot of death of not people i know, but people i "know of". You know what i mean, i am not friends or family to them but i know them in one way or another. One particularly tragic death this week was a man that was trying to do something to his roof during that horrible wind storm, fell and died from a severe head injury. Really makes me want to not let John get on a roof, ya know?
Another very tragic death was that of a local 20 year old man serving in Iraq. His body is coming home today and my hometown of Carthage, is going to get out and show support to his family, i'm sure many from surrounding areas will as well.
Someone else we know had their elderly mom pass away after a long illness. Sometimes people say things like "well she's no longer suffering" and i know that's true but it's still a loss in this case of his mother. Makes me realize that some day i will lose my parents, i can't imagine how i would deal with that, not well i'm sure.
Anyway what's the point of this blog? Well i guess my point is that death surely does have a way of making you appreciate life and take the time to let those that matter to you most know it.

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