Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

I resolved a long time ago to not make New Years resolutions because they always seem to fail and then it's there hanging over your head, ya know? So instead here are some things I would like to do this year. I would really like to improve our diet, yes i need to lose weight but i'm not gonna stress over that, but improving our diet I'm gonna try to do. So less junk food, less fatty food, more veggies & fruit, more lean meats instead of fatty meats, more water. That kinda thing. I'd also really like us to get more exercise, again not gonna stress about it, just try and incorporate walking and stuff where i can, maybe later this year when the weather is better Faith and I can make it a daily activity to take a nice walk.
Also this year I would really like to make use of all the craft supplies i have, I am hoping to do a lot more handmade gifts and things for Faith. We got her several handmade items for Christmas and I just love them. I have so much fabric here and I really enjoy sewing so i'm hoping to do more of that.
My one final thing I would really like to do most of all is to get organized and STAY organized. I always have so much clutter around the house and I'd really like to not have to dig all over for things when i need them.
Oh wait there is one more big thing I'd like to do this year and that is to start living more frugally. John and I have really seen a trend in our spending and we are just wasting a lot on things we don't "need" but just simply "want" or are a convenience, i would really like to lessen that so that there is more $$ for savings and home improvements and such.
Okay so remember these aren't resolutions, just things I'd like to do :-)
Happy New Year all!!!

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