Monday, January 21, 2008

Faith's 18 month appointment

She weighs in at 22 lbs 7 oz and is in the 25th percentile for weight, she's staying pretty steady there. They said she's still 33" tall but I know she's grown since her last appointment cause her pants are getting to short again, but that's what they said her height was last time? Of course the way they do it is by marking her head and foot on the paper on the scale and she's squirmy so maybe last time was a little off, or this time was, who knows...regardless she's long and skinny.
Her development is ahead and she's got all her teeth except for the 2 year molars which i hope don't start coming in early. Her eye teeth are all popped through and just finishing coming in. I'm thrilled that maybe we won't have the teething issues for a while now. Knowing my luck though she'll start getting her next molars next week or something...LOL
Pediatrician said she anticipates she will potty train early, not sure why she thinks that but she does. I'm not ready to try yet, i don't feel she's truely ready and I don't want to start early only to really struggle with it. The pediatrician suggested getting a book about the potty to read, and maybe getting the chair out and let her just sit on it sometimes to get used to the idea. So maybe we'll try that.
We do need to cut out her last bottle. She still has one bottle of milk at bedtime. The doctor wasn't too concerned about it, just said to try and change it over to a sippy cup as i can. I have decided that when this batch of bottle inserts (we use playtex drop ins bottles) is gone we won't buy anymore, we'll be done with "ba ba's".
So that's shots today, she was done with shots at 15 months, our pediatrician does them in a way that once 15 months comes they are done till they go to school, not sure if all peds do that but i think it's great to be done with shots for a while.

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Diana said...

Way to go Faith! :-)