Tuesday, December 11, 2007

12 Hours of sleep / Update on my Dad

Faithy bug slept for 12 hours last night. Praise God for that. Hardly a peep all night long. I don't dare hope that she's over the hump but i am silently praying that's the case. She still only has 1 of the teeth barely poking through and the other 3 are right on the edge of poking through. I know there's no guarantee that tonight she won't have yet another bad night, but like i said, i'm feeling positive this morning after such a restful night.
I put her down at 8 pm, and went in our room to watch tv. Decided at 8:30 maybe i'd better go to sleep too because if she did end up getting up again in the night. So i slept solid for 5 hours, got up to go to the potty and then slept so so the rest of the night. But i do feel much more refreshed this morning.

I havn't updated on my dad recently but things were going awesome with therapy. He was starting to be able to get up better and walk more with the walker. They were starting to help him with getting in/out of bed and the chair. Then last week he suddenly got terribly anemic to the point of having to have a blood transfusion on Friday. Hoping to find out more today about if that is now resolved or if more tests will have to be done. The poor guy, every time he starts to really make positive progress something else seems to happen. Taking Faith to see him today, that always lifts his spirits a lot.

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