Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finally a good nights sleep...

Faith has been for months in this great routine where she gets her bath between 7 & 7:30, has a bottle and is in bed usually between 8 & 8:30...sleeps all night and is up between 6 & 7 am....Well the last week or so she's just had a terrible time of it. I think probably due to the teething issue we've been having. But she's been giving me a hard time going to bed, just wants me to hold her, not put her in her crib. Or she wakes up midway through the night and it takes forever to settle her back down (if at all). Monday night i got very frustrated and finally just let her sleep with me, something i absolutely do not want to become a habit. Well last night she FINALLY seemed to go back to her routine. Hopefully it stays this way for a while.

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