Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas is almost here....YEAH

We are finally all starting to feel better. Still have some coughs and runny noses but it's not as bad and I "think" everyone will be okay for the Christmas celebrations.
Anywho - I'm so excited for Christmas this year. Not that I don't love it every year but it's just totally different now that we have a child. It's so much fun to share the excitement of the season with a little one.
I managed to get all the presents wrapped on Saturday. Got some goodies baked yesterday and managed to get a bit of cleaning done too. Still have more cleaning to do and a couple snacks to get ready for Christmas eve with papa. Tomorrow is gonna be the best though. John put together the play kitchen last night and OMG it's so cute. And honestly for $60 I wasn't expecting much, i figured it might be a bit on the cheapy side, well I can honestly say i was very surprised as was John. It's quite sturdy and very very sweet. Here's a picture of it the one we bought, i'll have more pictures with Faith playing with it later i'm sure.

I downloaded our camera in anticipation of Christmas...I hadn't done it in a couple weeks and i had accumulated 170+'s a couple of my faves -

Daddy was trying to fix the pellet stove and she went over to help and i think hugs probably definately helped :-)

Just chillin in dad's recliner -

I do believe that the gate will soon be useless -

And finally my little cutie pie in her matching sweater and hat we had custom made, she also has matching gloves -

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