Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Okay I admit it, this year I have a problem. It seems like for every gift i buy someone else i buy another one for Faith. ARGH she's gonna be so spoiled, and it's totally my own fault! So far she's getting a play kitchen, several pieces of clothing/shoes/pajama's, some movies, playsilkies, hooded towels, all kinds of stuff to go with her play kitchen, several books, a stuffed bunny, doll diapers for her babies. Plus i still have to clean up/find mommy & daddy's cabbage patch dolls from when we were kids and get her new outfits for them. I still want to get a few more things for her play kitchen too. And I'd kind like her to have a dolly bed and stroller too. Oh man i can't imagine if we had more than one child.

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