Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cold Update.... MEN!!

After suffering all day with a cold that is just getting worse not better, I managed to get the rest of the Christmas shopping done. And take care of Faith. And pick up around the house some. And make dinner. So....John gets up to get ready for work and wouldn't you know it, "he doesn't feel good now either". Of course not, God forbid I be sick by myself, or he be generous and help me, no, now he's gonna be sick all weekend and make it miserable for me, the one who is trying her best to keep going even though she is sick. ARGH!!!!!!!!! So he's sick, must have picked up my cold right? So is he coughing ?? NOPE !! Sneezing several times an hour ?? NOPE !! Blowing his nose about every 5 minutes ?? NOPE !! Does he have a sore throat and an earache?? Probably would say he does if you ask him, but my honest opinion is probably NOPE!!
Just had to get that off my i gotta go deal with a crying baby who's upset cause daddy went to work and there's noone playing with her.

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Gaber said...

oh...i feel you sister, you have no idea, it's the same in my house, execpt everyday is a new ailment and I have to pretend i care and pretend not to freak out because I know its bullSHIT...we have been fighting until I fall asleep at night and then begin again when we wake up...holidays are sooo darn stressful