Friday, December 21, 2007

Colds are getting worse...

Faith and I both have a very hacky cough and still runny nose and sneezes. I think i'm calling her doctor today to see if they can squeeze her in, probably not because it's a friday before a holiday but i'll see. I hate to have to end up taking her to the ER over the weekend. Pretty sure we aren't going to make it to John's cousin's for Christmas with them tomorrow. It's a long drive and with us all sick I just can't see it happening. That'll give us 2 days at home to try and get better before monday, and I really don't want to miss Christmas eve with my parents and brother & family. We are going up to where my dad is to have Christmas with him, and i really think it's important. But i also think it's important not to get everyone sick.

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