Thursday, December 13, 2007

I can't believe Christmas is 2 weeks away

Actually less....HOLY MOLY, where did the time go. I still have to sew some doll clothes. And pick up just a couple more gifts, but that I'm finishing today. Then comes my least favorite part, all the wrapping. That actually used to be one of my favorite parts, but now it's just so time consuming and of course when you have 2 extra little hands to help....well you can imagine how much easier that is LOL
I'm hoping to get the Christmas tree up this weekend. We borrowed a small one from my MIL to put on top of a table, to help minimize the little helping hands from helping themselves to everything on the tree. Of course the stockings will come out and other than that i'm not sure how many decorations i'm gonna get out, probably not too many, maybe something for the table on Christmas or something. No lights outside or anything, i just don't have the energy for that.
I'm trying to decide if we are having ham or beef for dinner on Christmas day? Tough decision, but i'll probably end up going with ham, it's easier. My SIL is making turkey dinner on Christmas eve when we have our traditional get together with them for opening gifts. And i'm not sure what we are doing with John's family, i think the plan is to head down there the weekend before Christmas but i'm not sure which day or what the plan is exactly, guess i'd better give a call and find out.
Well i guess that's about enough rambling for today. Faith is in watching the Wiggles, which she suddenly seems to LOVE, great, just what i want her to love, a bunch of weird british people singing and dancing like fools, oh well at least it's not Barney, when Chey was little that was her favorite, if I never see another giant purple dinosaur singing and dancing it won't break my heart, that's for sure.

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Diana said...

I was just thinking this morning about how much I have to get done before Christmas too! UGH! I was ahead and now I'm behind!! I hope you're able to get your shopping done today! I'll finish ours next Wednesday when Len has the day off again! :D