Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dad & Gabby

Prayers are needed for both my dad and my good friend Gabby.
My dad is having blood transfusion #3 today. I can't remember exactly when he has the first transfusion but I know this has all been within the last month. They still dont' know why he's so anemic and why the transfusions aren't helping. I am really frustrated, my poor dad just can't seem to catch a break.
Also, my dear friend Gabby, is in the hospital with pregnancy complications. I am praying that the problems they think the baby has are gone when they repeat the ultrasound this morning. She is 34 weeks so if baby is born now it should be just fine, but it's all so scary and Gabby really needs strength and prayers for a healthy baby and mommy too.

Christmas stuff will come within the next few days hopefully, i've been so busy i havn't even downloaded the camera yet.

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