Friday, December 7, 2007

Mama Mama Mama ...

Mama was Faith's very first word. Unusual, most kids say Dada first or BaBa, as i guess those sounds are easier to make, however not my girl, her first word was Mama. Anyway for quite a while now everything is usually "dada"...dada this, dada that...well within the last few days she's found "mama" again and she's calling me all the time for something.
Like last night at midnight when she was lonely in her bed, i heard on the monitor some crying and "mama mama" so in i went and just put her in bed with me, that's precisely what she wanted, because as soon as she was in bed with me, she settled right down and went back to sleep. I know at least in part this night time waking is her teeth, they are just a bear this week and last for that matter, but sometimes I honestly think that once she wakes up at night, she just won't settle for going back to sleep by herself, she wants her "mama". And as much as that frustrates me it also makes me smile, because she just loves me so much. When i woke up this morning i rolled over to a little girl snuggled right up, as close as she could get and she looked me right in the eye and said "mama". Makes ya wanna cry sometimes from being so happy to be a "MAMA".

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Diana said...

I totally know what you mean, Sarah. Being a "Mama" is the best thing ever! :-)