Tuesday, December 18, 2007

YEAH She slept in her own bed & General Christmas rambling

Faith FINALLY slept in her own bed last night, all night. It's been a rough 2 weeks. Yesterday was undoubtably the worst day she's ever had, she was so miserable. She literally had drool running out of her mouth most of the day. She chewed on anything she could, including her hands.
I bought some teething drops, i don't know if they helped and that was part of why she slept or not. She also had alternating motrin/tylenol all day yesterday, so maybe that helped her sleep. I don't know. But i hope it continues.
I am hoping and praying for a better day today. I am so far behind in Christmas preparations. The house is a total wreck. I have yet to wrap even 1 gift. I realized a couple of things I still need to get. I have done NO grocery shopping for Christmas weekend.
Yes Christmas weekend, we never have just one event, does anyone? It all starts Saturday with a trip to John's cousin's house in Auburn NY. Though it is possible they will come here, not yet 100% determined. I will need to take something to that, i don't go anywhere empty handed usually. Which reminds me i need to do some baking of some sort, it wouldn't be Christmas without a few Christmas cookies. Anyway Sunday we luckily don't have a "function" to attend but I would like to make it to church (given we havn't in over a month). Monday is Christmas with my family, this year it's different because of Dad being in the hospital. So we are going to attempt to have Christmas Eve with him. So we'll take snacks and gifts up there. So i'll need to make some snacks for that and if you know me, you know it's not just as easy as opening up a bag of chips and some dip :-)
I'm hoping he enjoys it, i'm so sad that he's stuck there for Christmas, we tried to come up with a way for him to come home even for a couple days, but we just couldn't get it to work, the biggest hang up being that he can't do the stairs to get into the house. Anyhow, then of course we have Christmas day here. Faith will open all her gifts, my MIL and her boyfriend will come up early in the morning for that. Then later in the day it will be Christmas dinner and I am hoping a trip up to see Grandpa again that night, maybe take him some dinner leftovers.
PHEW.....and that's just the stuff to go to, not all the details of what i actually need to do to make it all happen. So here i sit, not accomplishing it.....off to get started.
Please keep us in your prayers for my Dad, who had yet another blood transfusion yesterday and the inevitable sadness that will surround the holidays for him this year. And for poor Faithy bug that those darn teeth come through and she goes back to being my sweet, easy going girl.
Many blessing to you all too!!!!

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